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Goal Driven
Empowerment Coaching

A safe space for you to show up exactly

where you are + as who you are

Empowerment coaching will give you the tools to regain your power. I am only a tool to help you empower yourself daily. What can I assist you with? Brainstorming your next project? Need resources to help you continue on your path? I will meet you where you are and give you the extra push that you have been looking for.

What Goal Driven Empowerment Coaching is:

Focused: Goal Driven Empowerment Coaching is just that. Goal Driven. We make your goal specific and concise, so we have a direct target of what we are working toward. Then we create an aligned action plan or what I like to call a manifestation map. We will celebrate you along the way, as you hit the mini milestones. We will take a pitstop and reevaluate when needed, so you are always taking the smoothest road possible. When you hit the destination, you will not be forgotten! You will have two additional complimentary check in's, one a month out and one 3 months out to ensure you always still have the support of your coach.

Immersive: Not just the normal face to face virtual zooms. If you live in NYC, in person meet ups are available. How do you brainstorm the best? Over a cup of coffee? Walk around the neighborhood? What do you need help with? Reorganizing your pantry, so you can cook nourishing meals to hit your fitness goals? If not, I can we can still do it all with a Zoom call!

Fit to you: One price for a 45 minute session, but if you need more time because the ideas are flowing, no need to keep eyeing the clock.

Empowerment coaching comes with:

  • Bi-weekly coaching for 3 months 

  • Tools and knowledge to keep you on the path to your goals

  • Weekly text check in to keep you accountable

  • Automatic sign up to my Weekly Check In Email

  • Access to the Geneva app Hermosa Community Membership

  • Discount on events, wellness retreats, and conferences 


Join the community of woman taking steps to love themselves & better their lifestyle.


Regain your power

Head over to the home page to see the events coming up virtually + in CT, NYC

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