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A little about me and why I wanted to start Me Amo Wellness

I had a great response on creating a self-care book club, Café Wellness Book Club, and I am so grateful for that! Me Amo Wellness is a Latina womxn empowerment community + wellness space. So I am so thrilled to be getting the community going.

A little about me and why I wanted to start Me Amo Wellness

As a kid, I remember always having my head in a book. Sitting on warm summer vacation days reading hundreds of pages at a time. Reading always provided a sense of adventure for me. Going into a whole new world in your imagination. As I got older, I realized I only had a few Latin/Hispanic friends. I went to what felt like a predominately white school, and being white-passing (I seriously need a tan), I had many white friends. I joined the Successful Hispanic Alliance Club in high school (and became a co-president), which was the start of realizing I wanted to get more involved in my culture. Off to college I went, and I felt like a small fish in a big pond. "Where do I fit in?" was something my subconscious kept telling me, and I kept making myself smaller and smaller, wanting to disappear as much as I wanted someone to notice me. I decided to pledge the only Latin sorority in my college and felt like an outcast. They were fantastic people that I hope to one day reconnect with, but at the time, I was so in my head, and I had already spent years making myself small that I couldn't find a way to just be myself and connect. I then moved to NYC (a small fish in a massive ocean). Moving away from my family and into the city was twofold. First, I loved the experience of being in the city. There is so much to do; some days, it was so much fun, and others, I felt left out and overwhelmed.

Everything that I hadn't dealt with started really hitting me. My lack of sense of self and who I was, being in an 8-year relationship where my bf cheated and lied to me, It ending in a big way, what I wanted to do in life, what hobbies I actually have, guilt from moving away from my family soon after the passing of my Abuela, rejection from promotions at the job I was in, finding my community in a new city, the list goes on. I dealt with anxiety, huge daily panic attacks, depression, catastrophizing, constant crying, dealing with it with alcohol, and a crippling sense of self-worth. I knew I wanted to get out of this mental state, but I didn't know how. Taking two steps forward and ten million steps back. I thankfully had/have some fantastic friends who were there for me (so grateful to you, Mackenzie, Laura, Jordan, Christina, and Dahiana if you are reading this).

And then I met my therapist, Jessica Rios-Flores (If you live in NY or FL, I can't recommend her therapy sessions or her grief support community enough). She truly transformed my life and gave me the ladder of tools and encouragement to climb out of the hole I dug myself into. She is young, a woman, Puerto Rican, lived in NYC, and is so kind, and because of these things, I feel ultimately seen and understood. I had always been into wellness (practicing yoga, meditation, sound baths, reading self-care books, going vegan for a couple of years, trying all kinds of fitness classes, etc.), but working with Jessica and healing has brought me the kind of peace where I can receive the information these wellness activities are giving me and enjoy them wholeheartedly. I have genuinely felt myself transform in just a year and a half since I have been working with her. She has created such a safe space for me.

All this being said, I've been seeking a community since college. A community to feel supported, seen, inspired, and connected with. And since I moved to NYC 8 years ago, I have wanted to create it. I am so thankful to now be in a space where I can hold space for others and make this dream a reality. And I am so grateful that you allow me to create this space for you. We deserve this space, and we deserve to take up space. We deserve to heal, grow, laugh, experience joy, have our own successful businesses, get the bag, be confident in ourselves, feel whole, learn from each other, and love. Our time here is limited on this spinning rock in space. So let's make the most of it.

Thank you for reading my story, and thank you for being here.

Te Quiero,


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