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And that's okay

I had a friend send me this Tik Tok and yes... I still love Tik Tok videos. I'm not on the app as much as I used to be, but that is besides the point. This video literally said let's reassure yourself. Let's reassure yourself by saying, "and that's okay" after anything. Reaffirm yourself and reduce your stress.

"I don't want to go to the gym today and that's okay."

"I'm sad today and that's okay."

"I am questioning my whole life and that's okay."

This little nugget of information has changed my past week. It took away the guilt I had over not meal prepping. It took away the extremeness of the sadness I felt when I missed my ex.

This phrase, makes me go from I could have a 60 minute panic attack over this to this just sucks and you know what I'll get through it.

Reaffirm yourself! Love yourself! Take control of your life again bestie! Keep that head up and stay on your path. You will get everything you want and more. I promise you that. What's meant for you won't miss you.

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