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Building Trust + Consistency with Self

Trusting yourself. This is a big theme in many healing journeys, especially my own.

It has come with really doing the work. First, you have to get to know yourself and really love you. Knowing what you love and don't like makes it easier to set boundaries and say no to what doesn't align. When you really love yourself, you don't let her down. Read books, try new things, meet new people, take a new route to work, and be of service.

Second, Every time you make a decision, sit with yourself and write. Write out how did I feel after making this decision? Did it positively impact me? Did this decision align with my highest self and goals? Did I learn anything, good or bad, from this decision?

Last, You give yourself a high five or grace, and you make note for the next time. As you do this, you build that muscle of doing things right for you. You build up that intuition. You build up consistency in yourself. You build up that self-worth.

I still need to push myself to do certain things that I know I want to do and love, but I still have that wall up for some reason. But as I build my self-worth, I remind myself that it's not as scary as I make up in my head, and I am the only thing holding me back. So as I slowly do the things like going to the gym, eating right, working on this platform, and empowering myself without anyone else's approval, it's getting easier and easier to stay consistent and do it.

Remember, Hermosas, as Maria Vazquez says, "you are the writer of your own story."

Te Quiero,


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