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Changing the Narrative

I know I missed last week's blog post and phew... a lot has happened my chicas. I am... what a second...trusting myself.

It is incredible how much you blossom once you let yourself. It feels so light now most days. Letting myself feel joy and trusting that I am making the best decisions for me. Letting the universe know what I want and letting the universe do it's thing. It's all there in the vortex, it's just bringing it to reality. I mean no pressure there but for real no pressure at all.

When I notice that I am not allowing myself to move with ease and tension reels its head and the nervous system is about to ramp up to overdrive, I do what has been a true tale of what feels right to me. I write. I grab my journal, a piece of paper, a napkin (I always have a pen in my purse- such a Virgo). I grab the tools and I write. I used to just write till my wrist hurt and my thoughts were quite literally out of my head. Lately, I have been doing it in three parts.

First, I write whatever comes out.

Second, I write my fears.

Third, I change the narrative.

Bonus Fourth, (when applicable) I write a plan.

Like right now I had a plan tonight to work on this business. I sat in front of my computer with the lights dimmed and the candle going, my AirPods about to play some jams anddddd I hit a roadblock.

This is what I wrote:

Sitting at my computer to work on ILWML & I immediately feel a block. What am I afraid of?

I'm not this person who pushes hard at things I like. It's difficult. It actually takes work + effort. I have to be held accountable for myself. I have no idea what I am doing.

  • You are passionate about this project

  • You're willing to do the work for things you care about

  • Things aren't always east + thats the best thing I like: Is to learn + figure it out. It's rewarding doing things on my own- Showing up for myself.

  • I deserve to show up for myself + have a career I love

  • I can learn on the way <3

I love you Amarilys.

Then I wrote a quick and small list of things I want to accomplish tonight before I rest and this post was my first to do.

Thank you for the support in reading my thoughts. xoxo

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