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Connecting Back to Myself

This past weekend was quite lovely. Unintentionally, I spent the weekend without my significant other. On any usual weekend, if we didn't spend any time together over the weekend I would be full of anxiety. This past weekend was filled with ease.

I spent my time truly going with the flow and worrying less about chores that I would normally spend doing. I gave myself a lot of self-care and love.

I got my nails done and although it is an expensive task which I could do on my own (if I learned how to properly trim cuticles). But I think investing money into the things that make you feel confident pays off in so many ways. When I feel confident because of my nails or a cute fit I'm wearing or even because of the time I invested in journaling that morning I feel like I can take on the world. When I feel this way I feel like I can better complete my tasks, speak my mind about opinions or boundaries, and feel worthy to have joy in my life. It is all worth it to me. I notice a different energy when I invest in myself.

This weekend I also spoke, texted, and went on Facetime with my girlfriends. It felt so beautiful to be able to speak to my friends with ease. Because I took time to invest in myself I was able to better hold space for others. I was able to speak to them and be present which anxiety usually takes away from that. I was able to connect better with them by hearing about their life. In the past, I had so much going on in my life that the conversation would be weighted with my struggles in hopes that someone could help alleviate that heaviness. I truly felt the energy exchange of a blooming conversation.

I also left room for me to be truly myself. This came in a couple of forms. I took a dance class. This week was based on Neo-Burlesque. All the women were there for the same reason. To feel more confident and do something for themselves. I left feeling confident, joyful, and honestly in the clouds. As a previous musical theater major, it felt great to "perform" again and use my creative energy.

Later on that evening I tapped into my spiritual side and was a part of a virtual gathering called A Living Ritual. You know how much I love meditation, but what you don't know is I love anything that can get me closer in touch with my grandmother who passed away over 5 years ago. She was the matriarch of the family. Someone I always felt connected with. When she transitioned she would speak to me through my dreams. In the gathering, we meditated and allowed our ancestors to speak to us. My great-grandmother took away my worries and my abuela showed me a glimpse of my future. It was reassuring to know that they always have my back.

What I learned this weekend was that investing in yourself is always worth it. Take the time to invest in quality time with yourself. It's not all about having the full-on spa day and getting everything done. It's when you take the time for yourself really live in it and enjoy every moment. You will see the difference it makes in your future.

I am so happy to be having this feeling of coming back to myself. An improved version that just loves every bit about her life.

As always I am happy that you came here and read my thoughts. Thank you for your time Lionesses <3

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