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Creating the Life I Deserve

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Welcome Lionesses,

I created this space at a time where I felt I was finally moving my life forward. As you may or may not have read in my about me, after a series of traumatic events in my early twenties, I dug myself into a deep hole that I would not realize I was in until 2 years ago. Two years ago is when my journey started and just two months ago is when my life started.

I have slowly been crawling out of that hole by doing many things. All in a nutshell come to this: Trying new ways to improve my life with no pressure of what that would look like.

Meaning this:

-I would do things slowly with no timeline and no schedule. (The biggest step was just doing it). No, I'm going to go running on ONLY Thursday's or I want to read for 1 hour a day. I know what my ultimate goal is and I've been finding that having those clear goals means that my motivation to commit to those goals comes naturally.

-I would be open to different methods of healing and hobbies. Nothing is off-limits no matter how weird I once may have thought it would be. The worst that could happen is I realize it's not for me and that would get me closer to the things that are for me. I would give these activities a genuine try. That has brought me to try new healing methods like sound bowls and new hobbies like candle making. and the new business venture of In Love With Me Lifestyle.

-I would connect with my community when I need help. No pressure on them to heal me. Just knowing that they are listening or even there if I do HAPPEN to need them is comforting and healing in itself. I have come to realize that a lot of my community is going through similar things and they had a world of advice. This has made us more connected and stronger together.

-I would broaden my mind with podcasts and books. This does several things for me. It allows me to broaden my knowledge (and a wonderful natural progression of that is having more things to talk about and connect with others). It gives me something to focus on. A purpose if you will. An escape from my mind and in a healthy way. It gives me the knowledge to do better and to know again that others have been through similar things. Like imagine me sitting there reading a book about this woman who decided to go on a year-long shopping ban and she was able to pay off her debt. If she can do it why can't I?

-I will allow myself to not do things all at once. Would I want to have a full morning routine and an exercise schedule? Yes. But do I think trying to do everything at once will overwhelm me and shy me away from staying committed to my goals? Also yes. As I build trust with myself I will know when it is time to level up my life again. For now, I will keep being gentle with myself and celebrate the little wins. I know I will get to the next level soon enough.

Doing all of this has come naturally with me knowing my goals and knowing that I want to move forward. When you choose to care about your life you naturally are going to want to do things that help you direct your life forward. Be gentle with yourself. It will make your life so much easier.

Let me know what ways you choose to level yourself up.

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