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Dream Big: There's space for everyone

Hola Hermosas,

This is your reminder to dream big. Whatever it is, you want out of life. You are worthy, my dear. You are worthy of having that and so much more.

When I started Me Amo Wellness, I considered having a few events and a community. Then as I started working more and more on it, I found an even bigger goal, and now my plans for this are way out there. But one thing is, it doesn't scare me. All of these goals are within my reach. They are possible.

I once had the limiting belief that I shouldn't do it, and why would anyone join my wellness space when there are so many out there? Reality check, chica, there is space out there for everyone. These other wellness spaces that seem similar to what I am holding serve as inspiration for what I am doing. It's a reminder that all is possible for Latina/POC womxn.

Whether you want to get that dream role in your job, start your own business, have financial goals, want to move to a new state, etc. Put it out there so the universe hears your vision.

A few ways I like to let the universe know what I want:

  • Make it concrete. I want a 4 door, forest green Jeep with Bluetooth, a backup camera, and trunk space for all my travels with my pup.

  • Set up a vision board. Collage it, use Canva, hang it up on your wall, make it your computer background, or lock screen on your phone.

  • Write out your goal. To get my forest green Jeep, I need to: go to the car dealership and see how much it will cost, pay down some debt to raise my credit score, adjust my budget to save, and make room for insurance, gas, and maintenance.

  • Write out your limiting beliefs. I don't deserve a car because I can't afford it. Owning a vehicle will cause nothing but problems and headaches. They always need maintenance, and it costs too much. It's always hard finding parking.

  • Write out your joys and gratitude. I love the independence that I get from having a car. Riding in my car with the windows down and music playing on a sunny day brings me so much joy. I am so grateful that I can own my car. I am so thankful to have this car and can maintain it so it can bring me places safely and new memories.

  • Breathe and give space for the universe to do its work.

All in divine timing.

Te Quiero,


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