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Follow These 5 Latina's to Grow Your Finances

I have my own personal favorite money saving tools, but I will be the first to say I am no financial advisor! I am on this financial literacy journey with you. Check out these 5 Latina's if you want to get, save, and grow your bag!

Instagram: Finsavvylatina

Born in El Salvador, Natalie Torres-Haddad helps those in debt work towards their financial independence. She invested in real estate and started her career. She advocates for financial empowerment. Read her books, listen to her podcast, or listen to her TedTalk.

Instagram: Wealthparatodos

Soledad is teaching women how to prioritize self care, so they can build their wealth. A former teacher she used zero based budgeting to pay off her debt, max out 401k, and on track to her retirement goal. She teaches how to pay off debt, build savings, and invest in the stock market with her Wealth Para Todos Academy and 1:1 coaching.

Instagram: Missbehelpful

Yanely Espinal's YouTube channel is for people to engage with topics like budgeting, managing credit, saving and investing for retirement and more! Her book Mind Your Money is available with insightful stories and money strategies to help you reach your money goals.

Instagram: Allthingsada

Ada Rojas is a business energy coach. She teaches you how to take aligned action. Join her Business through the Chakras course, 1:1 coaching business strategy sessions, and vision board workshop.

Instagram: Delyannethemoneycoach

Delyanne is an investing coach known for her award-winning education. She has group coaching classes, an abundance of resources, and a podcast. She had a goal to invest in the stock market in order to build financial independence. And she did! I love that her goal was to retire her and her mom and move to Portugual! I would absolutely love to do this for my mom and I.

There's so many bad*ss Latina women out there ready to inspire you and help you reach financial literacy. Who's your favorite?

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