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Have you seen that trend?

I love celebrating your wins. No matter how big or small. It is so important to do so. Live in that moment! Relish the way it makes you feel! So that is why I love this tik tok trend of having champagne bottles in a box for when you accomplish that goal in the new year. Here are the details.

  1. Make a list of goals for the new year

  2. Buy as many champagne bottles as you have goals

  3. On a piece of paper or tape that you can write on, write a goal

  4. Tape each goal to a champagne bottle

  5. Put the champagne bottles in a designated festive box

  6. Accomplish a goal and celebrate! Pop the champagne!

I personally am not a champagne girlie, so I will be buying bottles of red wine.

Check out my video on Friday to see my Home Goods haul and me making this 2023 goals box Comment on what you will be popping champagne for in 2023. I want to know! Let's celebrate together!

What I will be popping champagne for in 2023:

  • My dream apartment

  • 1 month of consistent workouts

  • 11k in my savings

  • Travel to Greece

  • 6 months of events with ILWML

  • 500 subscribers across all platforms and 100 lionesses (women subscribed to my community

  • $125,000 salary

  • Payoff my credit cards

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