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How Can I Better Show Up For Myself?

It's been a rough past week, to say the least. I have moved on from the angry stage to the sad and 'I miss him' stage. But as someone once said and I know it is very cliche is that everything happens for a reason. Let him go and if he is meant to be back in your life he will. It's much easier said than done I know.

The version of myself and the version of himself currently are not meant to be together right now. Maybe I have learned all I could from him. Maybe the improved version of ourselves will meet later on. Maybe they won't. But what I know is that I need to start focusing on myself and thinking of better ways to show up for myself. Focusing on the negative and the sadness didn't get me far before. It just led me into the deep darkness that was hard to get out of.

Now it's the moment of pushing even further into the version of myself that has been in hiding for a while. In order to do that I need to build trust in myself. In order to do that I need to show up for myself consistently. The healed version of me shows up for herself consistently. Knows what she wants out of life, out of friends, out of a partner, and keeps that standard-until necessary changes need to be made.

I want to continue to show up for myself by following my morning and night routine, saying no when I want to, sticking to my budget that will help me build a better future, take care of my body with exercise and nourishment. I want to be honest with myself and know the difference between when I need to sit and heal my feelings and when I need to stop throwing a pity party for one. I am not a victim. I am a 29-year-old woman who needs to heal her inner child and for once in her life take ownership of her life.

How freeing is it to be the only person that needs to be comfortable with any decisions I make. I own my life now. It is terrifying at first, but man it is empowering.

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