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I Created a Business!

Excuse me, what?

If you had told me this when I was in college... well... let's just say I could have saved myself from massive student loan debt.

I'm not sure if it's the Virgo imposter in me that wants to wait to celebrate until this is an actual fully running, profiting business. Or is it the Virgo ego in me that is not making it a big deal because it just feels right to me? Either way, I'm just happy how fun this has been. I haven't challenged myself in this way in a long time. It's the feeling of accomplishment when you figure it out for me. Whether it's reaching out to a friend for advice or just remaking the logo over and over until it's what it looks like in your head, It's gratifying.

The idea for this business has been bubbling inside my brain for years. However, it wasn't until I started the healing journey that I took steps forward. Then the past two weeks, I looked at my candles and said to myself, "If I don't start now, I will never even know if this could be an actual reality for me."

This business is more than just blog posts and making a few candles. This business is empowering women to be their best selves. To take that leap of faith, that first step. It's reminding them they had the tools all along; they just needed to believe in themselves. Then, peel back those layers to reveal the queen that they are. It's about being an advocate. It's about making the community a better place for all women to survive. It's about creating a community for women to have that safe space to feel wanted, appreciated, and loved.

This isn't about me. Yes, I share my thoughts, and I couldn't have done this without going through my healing journey. I want to be there for others the way that my girlfriends have been there for me. I want to empower women with the tools that I wish I had. To help them believe in themselves the way I wish I did when I was going through it all. If you're reading this, I have your back.

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