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I promise you this works!

Say to yourself, “ I deserve this!”

At this part in my healing journey, I have made it to the conclusion that I deserve to be happy. I want happiness to be in the top 3 most felt emotions. This comes with the realization that I stop myself from being happy. Sadness, being the victim, not taking responsibility for my happiness has been my comfort zone. My default if you will.

But I know that is not who I am. That is not my personality and I don’t want it to be. Choosing to be happy comes with a lot of internal work, but it also comes with in-the-moment practice and rewiring immediate responses. At least for me. At the moment where a negative thought comes to mind or a trigger hits a side of me that spirals me into anxiety and vulnerability, I have to choose to stop that emotion and think differently. The negative emotion is not serving me. The experience to make a better choice is. When this happens I have to remind myself that I deserve this. I deserve to be happy and to make choices or responses out of love and understanding.

This, “I deserve this!” motto works in many ways. My most recent moments of using this phrase are:

I deserve to eat healthier to nourish my body. As I eat my gluten-free cassava chips as a snack instead of my usual kettle chips I remind myself of my nutrition and fitness goals. I choose foods that I actually like to eat that are also healthy and remind myself that I deserve and my body deserves to eat foods that make me feel great.

I deserve to have a night routine. Man, I have heard influencers talk about night routines way too many times. I recently (like two days ago) started my own night routine and honestly, it makes a difference in my state before bed. Those influencers were right. I floss, brush, mouthwash my teeth. I pre-cleanse, cleanse, and moisturize my face. I refill my water cup, turn on a candle, fill up my humidifier, spray lavender spray on my pillow, and dim the lights low. I change into my comfy pajamas and for now, do whatever I feel like. I plan on changing this to reading a book instead of watching Netflix. I’m not going to pressure myself yet. I am proud of this night routine so far.

I deserve to be me! I am not changing myself because I feel like someone is not perceiving me the way I want them to. I can’t control them. I can only control myself. I am me and I will keep being me. For the record, no one has asked me to change. It is me thinking I need to change in order to make things work. I am growing as a person and my mindset and personality surely are changing with that. But I am not changing to please someone else. I am changing because it makes a positive impact on myself to change and therefore it also makes a positive impact on those I interact with.

I am changing my mindset from saying I deserve this with those little rewards like the extra piece of cake, (which I still do think I deserve as well) to focusing on saying I deserve this to the things that will make the positive changes in my life.

I deserve happiness, love, and abundance in all ways.

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