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Listening To Your Intuition

Your intuition is so valuable! The first thing I hear from women is I want to know how to listen to my intuition, but all I hear is my anxiety instead. I don't know which thoughts to listen to.

As latina women we have strong intuitions. From our ancestors who lived in tribes and our grandparents who grew up in the country side. We connected with nature, built our intuitions, and have long lasting traditions. As we grow more in more of what people tell us we should be or say or do. As we over extend and not stay to true to ourselves our intuition gets silenced.

I remember the day my intuition told me to break up with my first ex. I knew deep down something was wrong for years. The energy was off. My energy was running frantic. I found myself calling too much or spending too much time trying to catch his attention in order to gain something back. Each time shushing my intuition because I wanted to be with him. I knew nothing else since we started dating at 14 and at the time we broke up we were dating for 8 years. I told myself everything was okay. I told myself the lies he was telling me. But one day while working my summer job, something told me to check his messages. Right there in plain sight, I could not shush the thoughts that everything was okay anymore. There was no denying it. He was cheating on me. Fear had clouded me.

Fast forward to 2021, my anxiety was insane, my depression hitting hard. August 4th, 2021, I had my first therapy session. August 4th, 2021 was when I started to heal. When I knew I was gaining myself back. Almost 2 years later my intuition was screaming at me to quit my job. I knew it wasn't serving me anymore. So I quit, trusting that the universe will guide me to bigger things. My goals. I knew that quitting was the path to my highest self.

Some ways I have worked on myself so I can better listen to my intuition:

  • Therapy to recognize my traumas + heal them

  • Journaling + calming the voice in my head/anxiety

  • Trying new things + seeing how they make me feel

  • Recognizing more + more what I DO want

  • Believing I deserve + have a joyous life

When you stand true to yourself, the door is open for intuition + good energy to make it's way to you. You will be open to receiving the messages. It will guide you to the path of least resistance to your manifestations.

What do you do to open that pathway for your intuition? How do you calm outside factors, so you can listen to your ancestors that are guiding you?

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