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Manifesting A Vlogging Camera + More

Hi Lioness Pack!

So happy to have you here reading my blog. I honestly didn't know what to put on this week's blog post because I have so many good things that happened this week.

I think we will start with the title. I have a manifestation photo album on my phone. Mainly because I am too lazy to print out photos to put on a manifestation board. Also, because I have my phone on me I can always have my manifestation photos to look at when I need to remind myself of what I am working for. I have a lot of things on there and honestly at this point I KNOW I deserve it and more. I am going to add some more photos to it tonight. Last week I even went through the photos and deleted ones that don't resonate with me or don't have a strong depiction of what I want in the photo.

Well, I had a vlogging camera on that manifestation board since I made the album. I had a thought the other day that with Black Friday and the holidays coming up cameras might be hard to find, so I knew I wanted to buy the camera sooner than later. I took a look at my finances and my credit. As you know I have been working on my credit for a long time now and it is looking sooo good. I then had the thought that the camera is good for many things in my life right now. I can use it to pick up my hobbies like vlogging and street photography. I can use it to take photos for In Love With Me Lifestyle and not have to use stock photos. I can use it to take photos of my candles which I want to put on this website. The camera is useful for so many things and I finally felt in a position where I could financially afford it and I was actively working on my business to make sense of the purchase. The camera can also serve as a motivation factor. If I make this big purchase I have to keep up with the promises that I made to myself of what I was going to use it for.

I had that epiphany and I went to best buy and took the leap! With my credit doing well I was able to get a 5K credit card that would mean I would not pay interest on the camera. The credit card would open more lines of credit which will continue to help my credit in the future. I also had money from working at Trader Joe's that would mean I would pay the camera off quickly and won't have to worry too much about the purchase affecting my score. I could not be happier to be making videos for you!

I encourage you to make a manifestation board and put the things that you know you want to have and accomplish in the future. That future may be closer than you think.

I also encourage you to try different ways that encourage the manifestation. here are some ways I went out of the norm:

I listened to the 'im thrivin' playlist by Paola Hernandez on Apple music. Honestly, it puts me in such a high vibration! I also like, when I can afford, to buy clothes that make me feel confident and worth the things I am manifesting. I am even saving up for a Chanel perfume. I know that luxury sent will keep me in the mindset. I also would like an apartment of my own. Earlier this year I made a couple of showing appointments to apartments that I was interested in for the future. Being in the space did something important for me. It made me feel like I could already have that apartment. It made the manifestation more tangible. I said to myself, "If I keep making the moves this could be mine." I stood in a kitchen where I would make my family dinner. I stood on the balcony where I would do yoga on summer mornings. I went to the parking lot where I would park my future Mercedes Benz. I highly encourage you to do this where you can. Make that space between you and the objects less distant and remember how you feel when you are around that place or object. Keep that feeling as your motivation.

For you it may be sticking affirmations on post-it's around your house, meeting with a mentor in the field you want to work in, starting a women who want to read 30 books this year club, visiting the campus for the school you would like to attend next Fall, maybe even eat at a place on campus if they allow you, buying a deck of tarot cards to remind you you are on the right path every day, if you want to be a CEO one day try going to the bar where you know the financial CEO's consistently attend, listen to TedTalks of an artist that inspires you, volunteer at the adoption center where you would like to get your next dog from. There is no wrong answer here. Find ways that put you in the manifestation mindset. You will find that doing these things is even a step towards getting the manifestation you deserve.

Listen, I am so proud of you. I cannot wait to see all the positive joys you welcome into your life shortly. Let me know in the comments what type of manifestation process works for you.

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