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My 30th Birthday! All the deets!

Self-care day for me!

I wanted to spend my 30th with self-care and a solo date. My birthday hasn't been filled with the best memories over the last two years, and I needed a reset. And it's my 30th! So I had to do something outside of the norm.

I decided I wanted to do some self-care activities that make me feel confident and loved. Physical touch is my top love language. I love that mindset that you can provide yourself with the love language you seek from a partner.

I started my day with a mani/pedi and added a ten-minute massage. My favorite thing in the world is a pedicure. I always have my toenails painted, and I feel like we don't give our feet that much attention when we use them daily. Especially in New York City, you are walking EVERYWHERE and need a little love.

After I got my hair trimmed and straightened. Hair trimming is also something I neglect often. You're supposed to get your hair trimmed every 6 months, and that doesn't happen for me. Getting my hair straightened turns on a different persona in me. I call her Vanessa. She's confident, sexy, badass, and doesn't give an F what others think about her. Everything I am trying to incorporate more into my authentic self. A good hair straightening with light curls kicks that confidence up a notch, and I am here for it.

I then traveled to Brooklyn to attend a Japanese Festival. I love trying new cuisines and experiencing other cultures' traditions. I ate delicious corn, matcha and red bean shaved ice, and one of my favorite foods, Spicy Tuna Onigiri. I was thankful that my dear friend joined me.

Later that evening, I put on a beautiful dress I had saved for a big moment to wear. This beautiful gold shimmery dress from JLux Label with a tie at the hip that leaves the entire thigh and leg showing like a jaw-dropping feature it is. I walked into my reservation feeling like a celebrity. The 6 course Domokase was absolutely the amount of luxury I wanted for my birthday dinner. I added an extra course of oysters for the perfect end-of-summer appetizer. I then made it home before midnight to relax with some reality tv, and my ideal night was complete.

Sidenote: If you've never dined solo. You are missing out! Most of the time, they will give you free items if you sit at the bar. I got 3 extra servings of oysters on the house, and they wanted to give me more. I was undoubtedly too full from the 10 pieces of sushi in the fourth course. I'm going to do a series of solo dates, and I cannot wait.

The other noteworthy side note I would love to encourage. Find that self-love activity that makes a difference for you (or me, it's a pedicure and a hair straighten) and schedule that at least once a month. Then, work that into your budget because you are worth it, and it improves your morale. So I'm adding pedicure and hair salon appointments into my calendar and budget for the first of the month.

Thank you for reading all about my self-care birthday! Sending you all the love xoxo

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