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My Personal Story with Finances

Where do I begin? My family front facing seemed to have everything you needed and I did. I lived in a lovely house with my grandmother, mom and brother. My grandmother worked hard to provide us with everything we needed since we moved in with her when I was 4. My mom worked a decent job and my brother started working when he was 16.

Looking back now though I've reflected on all of that. I have distinct memories of my mom driving my grandmother to work and my grandmother working over time. Memories of my mom having panic attacks when she was out of a job. My brother feeling the need to be the man of the house and provide how he could. I love my family to my core. They would drop anything to be there for me and I am so grateful. I have however noticed my money habits was shaped by many things I saw growing up and also not being taught the concept of money.

But I can't say that is the sole thing that got me to where I am now. I eventually went to college, moved out to NYC, and got my own job out there. My spending habits weren't tracking. Getting multiple credit cards early in combination of getting anxiety, depression, and panic attacks dug me deep. I would spend, but not have enough to pay it off, then I would feel shitty about myself, so I would spend to make me feel better or to feel more confident in myself. A snowball. 8 years later and I am in over my head.

One thing I do know for sure. I couldn't just fix my habit on it's own. The true healing that needed to happen first was my mental health. If I didn't fix the spiraling in my head, catastrophizing, self love and worth, there was no way that I could even take a look at my finances. I've been through a year and a half of therapy and although there is still healing to do, I felt I could put that in the back burner for a moment. The very pressing matter right now is my finances.

If you are also trying to make better financial habits come along with me. I have a number of safe spaces depending on what part of finances you want to tackle or how you learn best. Do you just need that one piece of budgeting info and you feel you could do it on your own? Attend one of my virtual events! Feel like you just need guidance and accountability? Try a group setting like my book club or membership. 1:1 is more your thing and you feel you can open up more talking to a coach? My Goal Oriented Empowerment Coaching is here for you!

Te Quiero Hermosa! We got this!

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