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My Top 3 Favorite Ways to Start My Day

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

I have tried many morning routines, and this is what has been working for me lately. It starts my day off positively and has kept me in a better mood throughout the day. I usually dread going to work and am slumped all day. Lately, I have been alert, focused, and more ready to take on stress.

  1. Wake up early: 6:30am, to be exact. This gives me a little over two hours to start my morning. The best part about this is I love having a few minutes in bed before I get up. I slowly wake up, stretch, contemplate my morning, maybe regret going to bed late, and have a sense of ease. Urgency in the morning is not my thing. Then I have plenty of time to do the list below, make breakfast, get ready (and be that girl), and not rush to jump on the subway.

  2. Manifestation/Visualization: After I get up, I get on my yoga mat and stretch. I do a little yoga to wake up the body, usually down dog, baby cobra, cat/cow, and child's pose. I then grab my meditation pillow and sit in front of my 2022 Manifestation board. I soak it all in and speak affirmations to myself.

  3. High Vibration Positive Music: As I get dressed for the day, I put on high vibration positive music in the background. This allows me to concentrate on getting ready with some background music. Listening to hip-hop music or a podcast like I usually do has me focusing on the words and knocks me out of being focused and calm. The high vibration, I'm sure, sets the tone of my day subconsciously.

Comment and let me know your top favorite ways to start your morning!

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