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Realizing My Growth with A Relaxing Upstate Weekend

This past weekend I spent away in upstate NY. Driving up the mountain in my Jeep Wrangler, playing Snoh Aalegra, in my cute outfit, I felt unstoppable. These past three weeks have been more than what I dreamed.

About two months ago, I was getting hit with the intuition that it was time to take a giant leap in my life. It was showing up everywhere. Astrologically, mentally, in the ideas coming to my mind, in a tarot card reading, in my gut. I knew my ancestors were talking to me, and it was time to make a significant change. The voices were so loud. So I did. I quit my 9-5 to focus on my joy. Crazy right? Who jumps with full trust in the universe. I did.

I knew I had some funds to get me to the end of the month. I knew I had two businesses I was taking off the ground. I knew that I wasn't sure what was going to catch me. I knew I wasn't sure where I would get a salary next.

The first week I spent decompressing. Letting the idea of being "unemployed" settle in. I was allowing the weight of many years in a stressful state of mind to roll away. I had been working on my healing journey; survival mode was not a thing for me anymore. Neither was healing mode. I had to find a new identity. Joy. Living mode. I spent another week getting into a routine. Routines are usually something I crave, but it was so hard for me. Now I thrive in it. Knowing just how relaxing I could spend each morning. The relaxing morning was getting me in the right frame of mind. I would end my morning routine with a jump for joy to dive into the ideas that have been swimming in my head for years. Then came joy and pride. How proud of myself I was. I manifested this life: slow mornings, a dog, and working on my business of empowering Latina women.

I knew I needed a new journal to celebrate this new chapter. I had one I only remembered using once I opened it. Only two pages were written on.

On the first page, I had written 7/5/22 a list of goals.

-100k paying job- partial remote-wellness space

-Quit employer July 18th, 2022

-$1,000 income monthly from my wellness business

-September 1st, 2022 Move into my apartment

-No credit card debt

-4K in savings/750 Fico

Take a moment to look back at goal 2! Quit employer on July 18th, 2022!!! My jaw dropped. My last day at my job was July 19th, 2023. Almost on the dot, a year later. I had finally done it.

Turn to journal page two:

Things I do want:

-My own one bedroom apartment

-Ability to travel once every two months

-My own Business

-Making 150K Salary

-My car

-Settled with husbae in 3 years (33 years old)

-Children at 35 years old

-Yoga Instructor

-Healthy + Fit

-Dinner Parties



-Laptop (new!)

-No debt

-Eating out 2-3x a week easily



As of that day, I had:

-Ability to travel once every two months (more honestly, since I have my own business)

-My own business, (Me Amo Wellness)

-My car, (a Jeep Wrangler)

-Happiness (I feel soooo happy these days)

-A new Apple laptop

-My amazing dog (Lexi)

I drove to my ex's apartment and rode upstate. Letting myself sit passenger princess in happiness. I took a look at myself in the mirror. I smiled so hard in utter bliss. I am fully embodying that girl that I once dreamed of. The one when I was anxious, depressed, and ashamed of myself kept some little glimmer of light inside me (even if it was deep down). I was happy. Finally fully happy. It didn't matter if I had met all my goals yet; the inner work that I had done was shining. We got to the cutesttttt apartment, and off our weekend went. I'll spare you all the details. But what I want to highlight is I was unapologetically myself. I knew I was showing up differently, from gently speaking up when I wanted to be heard, communicating what I wanted to do, sticking to my morning routine even if he was still curled in bed, and allowing myself to be present. I enjoyed every minute of the weekend because I was shining from the inside. Now what happens between him and me? I'm not worried about it. I know the universe will settle things on its own. What matters right now is that I celebrate my joy. We need to do that more. Celebrate ourselves.

I am so grateful for how much I have grown in the last four years. I also allow myself to move from healing to experiencing joy and life. I know that the universe has my back in every step I take, which has given me space to focus on other things.

Heal. Grow. Listen. Experience. Experience Failure + then learn from it to do differently. Love. Be Joyous. Experience Life. Do What Brings You Happiness. Be Proud. Be Grateful. Be You.

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