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Such a Dream

Good morning my lionesses,

Today is a great morning. Do you know why? Because you are here. You woke up to another day and you can make this day however you would like it.

You hold the power babe. One thing I had to come to terms with recently that I had no idea was holding me back is that I hold the power over my life. No one is going to come to save me. No one is going to make sure that I am waking up early in the morning. No one is going to follow me around to make sure I stay hydrated. But also I have the choice of what I want to do with my day. I have the choice to go to a good restaurant with my friends and live present in an experience. I have the choice to plan a trip that will bring significant joy to my life. I have the power to all the amazing decisions that will propel my life forward.

I have always been more of a morning person. When I come home from work I don't want to do anything that has the words productive in it. Nighttime is my time to cook a good meal, relax with a show or a book, and get a good night's sleep in. But I always found that I would wake up late rushing in the morning. I'm not sure what else helped move me into waking up earlier, but 5am February with 'heybriajones' was definitely such a coincidence. Why around the same time that my life was going through a transformative change would I happen to follow and watch Youtube videos of this influencer AND she would be starting this challenge. I have yet to consistently wake up at 5am and I am giving myself grace for that. Knowing when I can push myself harder and when I can allow myself to know what my mind and body need at the moment.

I have been waking up earlier than my 20-minute rush to work. It feels incredible. It has given me many benefits. If I had to hold onto one thing that will keep me waking up early is that I don't spend the first hours of my morning in a panic and that itself has led to reducing my anxiety.

I am looking to start doing 5am vlogs when I start to get into the groove of early mornings and can handle a camera in my face. So stay tuned! :)


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