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Take the Pressure Off

I'm going to start with a little detour here. I absolutely love writing in blog style. 1) It allows me to get my thoughts out anywhere. I want to make more Tik Toks and eventually start a podcast, but sometimes the inspiration comes at the most random times. When the inspiration hits on the subway or at work, I can't just find a spot to talk out loud easily. 2) I love journaling, but writing my thoughts on a blog allows people like you to read it. And if you read it and resonate with it, even better. My thoughts can help someone in a way where just putting pen to paper can't. This is what is happening today while writing this blog post. I left my therapy session inspired by what I wanted to write about this week, only to jump back into work at the office. It's slow today, which gives me the grace to write now. TikTok is for the people who can do that full-time.

Back to why I am writing today. Take the pressure off. Take the pressure off yourself. If you are going through a challenging moment. If you feel a lack of motivation or creativity. If you want to do better but are being hard on yourself for not. Just take the pressure off.

Through this healing journey, I have finally learned to give myself grace. You will learn the lesson when it is the right time. You will get that motivation when it's time. I know. This sucks to hear, but you're only going to make yourself feel worse and stunt your growth if you keep self-sabotaging. Nothing will go faster if it's forced.

This goes with friends as well. Are you sick of hearing about that same awful boyfriend you wish she would just break up with already? Yes. I am too. But take the pressure off. She will learn to let go when the time is right. So go ahead and give her the advice that she knows she needs. But also let her know that you will always remain there for her. Nothing feels worse than being stuck in a situation you're trying to navigate and then feeling like everyone is judging you.

You will make it to the other side. You will get that fantastic job you deserve. You will end things with someone who isn't right for you. You will get that house, that pay raise, that love of your life. It's about the balance. Do the work, but also let it come to you. Take the pressure off. Breathe. Manifest.

Sending so much love,


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