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Today I started healing 12 year old gym class me

I remember so vividly the first day gym class showed us the weight room. I learned from my peers that day that lifting weights in front of “the boys” was nerve racking. All the girls put their head down and jumped on the treadmill instead. I learned that caring about what men thought of me and that they could possibly make fun of me in a “learning environment” was more important than my physical health. I learned that my body was less than.

I’ve been to the gym maybe 10 times in my life. 5 of them I lifted some weights and was totally nerve racked. Maybe doing one set before I got scared and ran off to the locker room.

Today was the first day where I actually lifted weights and didn’t care who was watching. Blasting Drake and Ice Spice in my ear and focusing on my form. Making 12 year old me proud

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