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Today is a Great Day!

Today is a great day! Because I am recognizing that I am following through to my goals + recognizing that I am capable. I love myself enough to know that there are doors opening for me. There is the universe working in my favor. I am capable + this year I am going to look back + say I did it. <3 I did what I set myself to do because I am worthy of accomplishing. I am not going to quit because that's what my brain used to tell me it deserved. No. I deserve this connected calm life. I am proud of you. You pick yourself back up each time. You dust yourself off + only a matter of time before you stop falling + just keep moving forward. I love you. I'm proud of you. Keep going <3

Written on January 5th, 2024 in my work notebook.

I am new to the current job I am at and I use my notebook pretty frequently to remind myself of the process. I usually don't write this sort of thing in my work notebook. I have a whole notebook dedicated to just journaling. But I am thankful I wrote it in here. I glance by it a couple of times a day as I'm searching for notes on my work. Seeing "Today is a great day!" is a good reminder to change my mentality in the moment.

So much has happened and so much is happening. I am still learning new things about myself and I feel the universe testing me to grow in a new way. It's important to remind yourself you are capable. You are not where you were last year and you have more to go. Understanding your growth. Giving yourself that success. Knowing you are capable of the success that you still are working towards. That's chef's kiss hermosa.

The past 5 days I have been receiving signs from the universe. They have been screaming at me and I have been listening to what angel number is being told and what I am thinking about or doing in the moment to see what they are relating to. Let me tell you hermosa. Success is here. It's knocking at the door. Are you opening the door?

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