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It's been quite a week. I had a major change in my life happen recently and I didn't expect myself to feel this way.

My boyfriend of 2 years and I split ways. I am sad that someone with who I wanted to build a certain life didn't work out. I am also okay. I know that the universe has its plans for my life based on what I know I want my future to look like. I trust in the universe that things will happen in their own way.

Out of respect for my ex and not putting too much of my personal life out there I won't say too much about what happened. But what I do know is that I think we both knew that we weren't meant for each other. Reminding me that having love for someone isn't enough. It was just our time to split ways. Will we ever make it work in the future? I'm not sure. There are plenty of things we both would need to have worked on and healed outside of our relationship for that to happen. And if we don't end up together again then I wish him the best with someone who can meet his needs.

For now, I am focusing on myself. Healing the parts of me that need it, so I can be a better me for me and for all of the relationships in my life- my family, friends, future partners. I am focusing on loving all parts of me. I am focusing on finding or reclaiming the things that make me so full of joy. I am excited for this next chapter in my life. I am excited to feel whole again.

And I know I am going to be okay because I am okay. I know I worked hard on the relationship and exhausted all options before we came to this decision. I know that I worked on myself and grew throughout it for myself and for the relationship. I know I did my best.

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