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Validate your emotions to become you

Wow, I can't believe I am going to say this, but man, I feel happy.

Life has had its bumpy moments in the past couple of months. Between my break up, trying to figure out my life, and normal day-to-day, it's been a test, for sure.

But I did not come here to write about my woes today. Instead, I saw this quote that read, "When you radiate good vibes, you attract good vibes, it's so simple, but people have a hard time understanding the basic law of energy. Nothing can help you in attracting good things if you don't change your own energy first."

Now I don't want to get into toxic positivity. It is normal to have a variety of different emotions. You are human. Life can be testing. You are valid to have feelings- good, bad, and between. So let's start here.

1) Validate your emotions. Sit with them. Lean into them. Understanding your feelings and where they stem from will allow you the freedom to change your mindset later on. What will not change your mindset is forcing yourself to ignore the bad and have a positive attitude. Your variety of emotions is there for a reason. They help you navigate the rough times. They allow you to be empathetic to someone who lost a family member. They help you understand that a boundary has been pushed and how to better communicate the boundary. They allow you to realize you have rest days when you need them the most. I encourage you to journal, speak them out loud to yourself, meditate on them, and take a moment to slow down and feel. Listen to them find what they are trying to teach you.

2) Recognize the happy moments. I also encourage you to sit with the great joys of life. Did you reach 100 followers on tik tok? Celebrate! Did you hit that gallon of water a day intake? Celebrate! Did you get two workouts in this week when you usually do 0? Celebrate! Life is way too damn short to not celebrate the little wins. Not everything is about these grand moments in life. Day by day, little wins propel you to the larger ones. The more you can sit in gratitude for the happy moments, the more the universe will give them to you.

3) Radiate good vibes. The universe is always listening! Your moves, thoughts, the things you speak, how you treat others, how you treat yourself. It is so much easier to continue to do the things that are good for you and are going to move you to your goals when you are sitting in the good vibes. You are allowing the good things to come in. You are showing yourself, everyone else, and the universe that you feel you are deserving of all the great things that life has in store. When you feel it and believe it, you will continue to want more of those things and make specific moves to continue living that way.

Remember, life is not linear! You can move through any of these stages at any time. For example, you may have hit stage 3 about your career, but then you hit stage 1 again about love. Life is seriously like an onion. I keep finding a new layer to reteach myself what I deserve. I hit a new level every time I allow myself to feel, recognize, and radiate.

This past weekend I had some extra money. (I am in no way saying you should free for all spend money on buying new things. Save up! and then allow yourself that space). I felt myself wanting to reach a new level. I allowed myself to play small all my life, and on my healing journey, I have been finding ways to be more authentically me. This past week has been about the way I look. I have been encouraging myself to eat smarter, incorporate movement into my routine again, get adequate sleep, and buy things I LOVE! I had some extra money, and I bought myself some new clothes, a proper pair of running shoes to up my running, and a cute set of mini hoops to go on my seconds (I have been saving up for this cuz, girl, my ears reject that cheap jewelry). I only received half the things in the mail so far, but it has been helping me radiate these good vibes. I feel more confident, more myself, and more able to live positively. But I would not have even gotten to this point to know I deserve clothes that make me feel good if I didn't go through steps 1 and 2.

I send you so much positive light today! You are deserving! You are divine! Keep leveling up, baby!

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