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Wellness Wednesday Meditation

Every Wednesday at 9:30 pm Eastern on Instagram Live

When I first moved to New York City, I loved attending my local yoga class. Every Wednesday at 8:30 pm, I would go to a flow and restore class. That class was my favorite. It was about 45 minutes of a slow yoga flow and then 30 minutes of restoration. Laying in Shavasana for those 30 minutes was the perfect pick me up to help me survive the next two days of work. I felt like the past few days of stress were released, and my focus was back. Even better, I would walk home and go straight to bed from being so relaxed.

I am not certified as a yoga instructor (yet! hint, future plans), but I love meditation and found that some journaling and meditation have the same effect.

Let's journal and meditate together and manifest that bad bitch, financially free world traveler together. Fifteen minutes of journal writing; either free write or participate in my journal prompt. Followed by ten minutes of meditation.

Bring your journal and meditation pillow, and pick a comfy spot to relax.

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