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You Wished You Would Have Done it Sooner

Is what my tarot reader told me the day I asked her what I should do about the intuition telling me to quit my job. As someone who always sees both sides of the situation (making me terribly indecisive sometimes) I took it as two ways:

  1. I'm going to wish I did it sooner because it could be tough road

  2. I'm going to wish I did it sooner because it is going to be so abundant

Both a different perspective. Both things I have experienced in the past couple of weeks. But my focus stays mainly on the latter. I wish I did it sooner because as I work steadily on Me Amo Wellness I get better and better at it. Because it would mean that I would get to connect with all of you sooner. Because I am worthy of abundance.

I wish I would have done it sooner plays a big part in my life. A lot I wish I would have done sooner.

-Started my business

-Gave it more energy

-Asked for help with my depression and anxiety

-Asked for a bigger raise

-Built a consistent routine

-Built my community

-Started my hobbies

-Loved on my friends more

-Got on top of my debt

-Got an apartment on my own

-Healed my anxious attachment + love wound

BUT we are here. We are now. We are present. Everything is going to be okay. And one day it will be even better than okay.

Te Quiero,


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