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Sage- 4 Inch Stick

Sage- 4 Inch Stick

SKU: W0004

Sage is such a powerful cleansing tool!


From cleansing your space, your thoughts, to your crystals. Energetically clear your space before meditating or when you want to welcome in more positive energy. Cleanse your crystals when you purchase them and every month or so when you are working with them.


How to use sage in your home:

  • Set your intention while holding the sage.
  • Burn the sage at a 45 degree angle pointing down toward the flame for 10-30 seconds. 
  • Blow out the flame on the sage and smoke will appear
  • Move the smoke around your home, self, crystals that you would like to smudge, saying your intention or affirmation. (Be careful not to inhale the smoke or get it in your eyes. Watch for any embers that may fall)
  • Put out the sage on a fireproof vessel and place inside. (I use a clay pot my best friend made. Others use specific shells meant to catch the embers.
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